Cheap Wholesale Jeans – 10 Awesome Vendors to Contact

Wholesale jeans don't have to be expensive use our guide to find the top 10 low-cost vendors for fashionable, quality jeans.

Wholesale jeans don't have to be expensive use our guide to find the top 10 low-cost vendors for fashionable, quality jeans.

Looking for fashionable wholesale jeans without breaking the bank? You’ve come to the right place! In this guide, we’ll provide an overview of the top 10 vendors who offer quality, fashionable jeans at low prices.


Blue Jean Factory – Affordable Denim for Less

Blue Jean Factory offers wholesale jeans at around 20-30% off the regular retail price. With an ever-expanding range that includes everything from skinny jeans to mom jeans and even wide leg styles, their selection is sure to provide something perfect for your needs. Wholesale Jeans

All of their jeans come prewashed for a softer feel and look, so you don’t have to worry about shrinkage or fading. Plus, they offer free shipping on all orders over $300.

With an impressive range of styles and sizes including petite, plus size, mens, and childrens sizes, Blue Jean Factory has plenty to offer everyone. Wholesale Jeans

Their excellent customer service team is always available to answer any questions you may have regarding sizing, materials or general enquiries. You can even take advantage of their free return policy should you find that anything doesn’t quite meet your requirements. So if you’re in the market for quality jeans at affordable prices, Blue Jean Factory is the perfect choice!

Blue Jean Factory offers a wide range of wholesale jeans made from durable, top-of-the-line fabrics. All their denim is crafted with the highest attention to detail and fits perfectly for a designer look without the designer price tag.

What’s more, Blue Jean Factory’s jeans come in flattering styles such as skinny, bootcut, straight leg and more – perfect for creating an outfit your customers will love. So stock up on stylish but affordable denim and add some pizzazz to your store. Blue Jean Factory has you covered!

Blue Jean Factory is the ultimate one-stop shop for wholesale jeans. Their extensive product line offers something for everyone from classic washes to fashionable distressed styles, there’s a look to suit every customer’s tastes and budget. Wholesale Jeans

Every pair of jeans comes with a detailed label that includes washing instructions and fabric content, ensuring quality assurance every time. With Blue Jean Factory’s affordable prices, wide selection and dependable service, it’s no wonder they are THE go-to source for wholesale jeans.


Wholesale Trading Post – High Quality Jeans at Great Prices

Wholesale Trading Post is a one stop shop for affordable, quality jeans they carry both men and women’s styles, as well as children’s. All their products are crafted from high quality fabric that is durable and long lasting.

They offer both bulk and individual orders and always provide excellent customer service. Whether you’re looking for skinny jeans or bootcut, denim shorts or distressed styles, Trading Post has something to meet your needs.

Wholesale Boutique Jeans

Wholesale Boutique Jeans

One great thing about Trading Post is that they carry products from all the major brands, so you can find designer labels at a fraction of the cost. Wholesale Jeans

Plus, they often have discounts and promos that save you even more money. Their jeans are designed to fit everybody’s size and shape, which makes them perfect for businesses who are looking to stock their shelves with plus-size or petite styles without breaking the bank.

Whether you’re shopping for yourself or stocking your store, Wholesale Trading Post has a range of quality jeans that you won’t want to miss. Wholesale Jeans

From dark wash basic jeans to trendy prints, Trading Post is the perfect one-stop shop for all your wholesale jean needs. They offer a variety of quality denim from popular brands such as Levi’s and Wrangler, plus they make sure their customers never have to worry about paying too much.

With Wholesale Trading Post you can get the same labels seen in department stores, only at a fraction of the cost. Plus, they offer sales throughout the year so you can save even more on your order. Wholesale Jeans

So no matter if you’re shopping for personal use or stocking up your store shelves, Wholesale Trading Post makes it easy to get quality styles without breaking the bank. Wholesale Jeans


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Denim Monkey – Bulk Jeans for Low Prices

Denim Monkey is a bulk wholesaler of quality denim jeans. They offer a variety of options in women’s, men’s and children’s styles. Wholesale Jeans

With low prices, high quality fabric and excellent customer service, they are sure to have something to meet your needs. Whether you’re looking for distressed, skinny or classic designs, Denim Monkey has the perfect fit – at the perfect price! Wholesale Jeans

Wholesale Jeans Mens

Wholesale Jeans Mens

Denim Monkey is an environmentally conscious business and takes great pride in using only the highest quality fabrics and materials. Their customer service team makes sure that each order is shipped quickly and accurately, with even the smallest details accounted for.

Should there be any issues along the way, their friendly staff will work hard to rectify them as soon as possible. With Denim Monkey, you can be assured of receiving the best wholesale jeans at unbeatable prices – with nothing but satisfaction guaranteed!

Need bulk jeans for a great price? You’ve come to the right place. Denim Monkey offers a wide selection of high-quality jeans at unbeatable prices. Wholesale Jeans

Whether you’re looking for skinny, bootcut, or straight leg jeans in both men’s and women’s sizes, Denim Monkey has something for everyone with vibrant colors and fits perfect for all stylish wardrobes.

And thanks to their size range, bulk orders of any kind can easily be filled within 2-3 weeks depending on quantity ordered. So stock up on your favorite styles while they last!

Denim Monkey is committed to crafting the perfect jeans with great fit, comfort, and durability. Their collection of denim is perfect for any wardrobe and always in style making it the ideal choice for both resale or personal use.

Thanks to their variety of fits, colors, and sizes, your bulk orders can look as unique as ever for unbeatable prices. With Denim Monkey’s wholesale jeans being of the highest quality at such a low cost, there’s no excuse not to have amazing jeans all year round! Wholesale Jeans


B & R Textiles, Inc.–Top Quality at a Low Price Point

B & R Textiles, Inc is a committed provider of high-quality apparel in bulk. They supply customers with top quality jeans at low prices that make their products easy to stock and sell.

Their team offers exceptional customer service, offering personal attention throughout the ordering experience. With their focus on understanding customers’ needs and providing delivery on time and under budget, B & R Textiles is an excellent choice for wholesale jeans purchases. Wholesale Jeans

Wholesale Jeans Suppliers Usa

Wholesale Jeans Suppliers Usa

B & R Textiles Inc. offers a wide selection of styles, with an emphasis on producing fashionable jeans that meet their customer’s needs and desires. They offer traditional denim, as well as fashion-forward, stretchy jeggings and jeans with distressed details.

All of the fabrics are ethically sourced, ensuring that their garments are made from the best possible materials. With prices lower than competitors, customers don’t need to worry about breaking their budget if they stock up on lots of wholesale jeans from B & R Textiles Inc.

Moreover, customers can take advantage of the company’s personalized stocking service. If you choose this option, B & R Textiles Inc. will work with your specific criteria to carry higher quantities of whatever styles you need.

That way, you can be sure that the jeans are right for your store and won’t sit on shelves gathering dust. Their prompt delivery and customer service guarantee that your order arrives when it’s expected, too. With so many attractive features, they just may be the best wholesale jeans supplier around!

B & R Textiles Inc. is the perfect supplier for businesses looking to purchase quality wholesale jeans at low price points. The company has decades of experience providing stylish, fashionable denim styles made from high-end fabrics and materials that won’t break the bank. Wholesale Jeans

Frankly put, B & R Textiles Inc. delivers unbeatable value: you can get top-notch jeans with durable construction and up-to-date designs without breaking the bank. Their wide selection of styles makes it easy to find options appropriate for any retail store or boutique, spanning everything from fashion-forward cuts to classic boot cut designs.

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Bargain All-Star–Low-Cost Fashions and Fun Looks at Affordable Prices

Bargain All-Star is a great source for affordable denim styles. They offer a wide selection of both simple and flashy wholesale jeans, sure to meet any buyer’s needs.

Their quick-turn production times make sure that orders arrive at the customer’s door quickly and timely, which minimizes storage costs and allows retailers to transition rapidly to keep up with ever-changing trends. With Bargain All Star, you can count on low cost options on the latest in fashion fads.

Wholesale Jeans Womens

Wholesale Jeans Womens

Bargain All Star’s low-cost fashion jeans come in a variety of styles and colors, including mid-rise, low rise, boot cut, slim fit, stretchy skinny jeans.

Their collection encompasses the most current trends while maintaining their commitment to producing quality jeans at affordable prices. Whether you want fun colors and designs or more classic cuts and colors, you can be sure to find them at Bargain All Star.

With so many options available at such reasonable prices, it’s never been easier for shoppers to keep up with the constantly changing fashion landscape. Wholesale Jeans

Bargain All Star has cultivated strong relationships with their suppliers to deliver the best materials and latest trends, while keeping their prices competitive so customers can find the perfect jeans that they love.

From distressed denim to vintage inspired patchwork, Bargain All Star has something for everyone in a range of sizes and lengths. Pick up a few classic pairs, try out some trendy cuts, or create an entire wardrobe at these prices, the possibilities are endless! Wholesale Jeans

Get more bang for your buck with stylish selections on sale at Bargain All Star. They can help you create the look you want without breaking the bank.

Whether you’re looking for a classic dark wash, a modern rip and repair look, or a new cropped style to add to your wardrobe, they have something to fit your budget. Save money while stocking up on that must-have pair of jeans this season at Bargain All Star.


FAQ About Wholesale Jeans

What brand sells the most jeans in the world?
Some of the largest and most well-known brands that sell jeans worldwide include Levi’s, Wrangler, Lee, Diesel, Calvin Klein, Guess, and American Eagle Outfitters. Among these brands, Levi’s is often cited as the most iconic and popular brand of jeans, but it is unclear if they sell the most jeans in the world.

Who makes the best jeans for work?
There are several brands that are known for making durable and reliable jeans that are suitable for work. Some of the best brands for work jeans include:

  • Carhartt: Carhartt is a well-known brand that specializes in workwear and produces high-quality jeans that are designed to withstand tough working conditions.
  • Wrangler: Wrangler is another brand that is popular among workers, particularly those in the construction and farming industries. Their jeans are made with durable materials and feature reinforced stitching to withstand wear and tear.
  • Dickies: Dickies is a brand that is known for producing workwear, including jeans that are designed for work environments. Their jeans are made with sturdy materials and reinforced seams to hold up to tough jobs.
  • Duluth Trading Co.: Duluth Trading Co. is a newer brand that has gained popularity in recent years for their durable and functional workwear, including jeans that are designed for work environments.
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Ultimately, the best brand of jeans for work will depend on the specific needs and preferences of the individual. It is important to consider factors such as the type of work being done, the level of durability required, and the fit and comfort of the jeans before making a purchase.

How much does the average pair of jeans cost to make?
The cost of making a pair of jeans can vary widely depending on several factors, such as the quality of the denim, the labor costs of the manufacturer, and the location of production. However, on average, it is estimated that the cost of making a pair of jeans ranges from $12 to $30 USD.

This cost includes the materials, such as the denim fabric, thread, buttons, and zippers, as well as the labor costs involved in cutting, sewing, and finishing the jeans. The retail price of a pair of jeans is usually much higher than the cost of production, as it includes other expenses such as marketing, distribution, and profit margin for the brand or retailer.

Who is the largest producer of jeans?
The largest producer of jeans in the world is China. According to the data from the World Trade Organization (WTO), China exported around $1.6 billion worth of denim jeans in 2020, making it the largest exporter of denim jeans globally.

China’s dominance in denim production is due to its large textile and garment industry, which has a significant competitive advantage in terms of economies of scale, low labor costs, and advanced manufacturing technologies. Other countries that are also major producers of denim jeans include Bangladesh, Vietnam, and India.

How much should I resell jeans for?
The resale value of jeans can vary widely depending on several factors, such as the brand, style, condition, age, and demand in the market.

To determine how much you should resell your jeans for, it is recommended to research similar jeans being sold in the same condition and style on online marketplaces such as eBay or Poshmark. This will give you an idea of the average market price for the jeans you are trying to sell.

Additionally, it is important to consider the original price of the jeans and their current condition. If the jeans are in excellent condition and from a high-end brand, they may be worth more than jeans that are heavily worn or from a lower-end brand.

Ultimately, the resale value of jeans is subjective and will depend on various factors, including the seller’s pricing strategy and the demand in the market. It is important to set a reasonable price that reflects the value of the jeans while also being competitive in the market.

What is a good profit on clothes?
The profit margin on clothes can vary widely depending on several factors, such as the brand, style, quality, and markup strategy.

Generally speaking, a good profit margin on clothes is typically around 50% to 60%. For example, if a clothing item costs $20 to produce, it would be sold at a retail price of $40 to $48, resulting in a profit margin of 50% to 60%.

However, the profit margin can vary significantly depending on the brand, as some luxury brands may have much higher markup strategies, while other brands may opt for a lower profit margin to remain competitive in the market.

Ultimately, the ideal profit margin on clothes will depend on the individual business’s pricing strategy and the cost of production. It is important to set a fair and competitive price that reflects the value of the clothes while also allowing for a reasonable profit margin.

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